Having a mentor in business is a shortcut to success

This is My mentor’s SUCCESS STORY:

So today i want to share with you my mentors story SIR ERICK W.KHISA have a look folks

Having been in this business for a span of about three years now ,this is what Erick says

“Not that long ago I was serving in as a programmer, working upwards of 16+ hours a day not having the time to do what I wanted in life, I felt like I was a machine!
I’d wake up, check daily orders… and that was me set for the day! My life was ran by a piece of paper that was stuck on a wall! If I didn’t follow it I would get in trouble from my Boss, same life right?
Well, things have really changed since then and I want to share with you my story of how I went from a life of slavery in a programming Job to now spending more time with my loved ones, traveling the world, working less than a couple of hours a day with nothing but my laptop!
I’m a 27 year old guy from Kenya who wanted more from life! I wasn’t cut out for being a slave my entire life!
During my school days I always wanted to travel, I had seen pictures of all these amazing places, I had a fond taste of all these tropical locations like Kenya Highlands and game parks, South Africa, Costa Rica, The Bahamas, Dubai etc. I could picture myself in these places, chilling on the beaches of the world living the good life!
I left high School at the age 19. I had no idea what I was going to do but wanted to travel and earn good money!
It then came into my mind that I could take programming as my career, I thought that I would be working online and have time to travel as I sow the kind of money programmers were earning and so I decided to join it” … and so I did!
I joined a local College and went on to few universities “And deep within me I knew that my dream for traveling the world and earning good money was just in hand” well, so I thought!
Just before I graduated I got my job it was now my time to travel and earn the cash!
…Friend, was I wrong!
From that time I got my JOB I started a journey of nearly 2 years of slavery, lost all the contact with my Family and Friends I worked my ass off, working from Monday to Monday,daily for 12-16 hours! I spent all the money I was earning (around Ksh 40,000/month) going out getting wasted, because when did so I could forget the time on the keyboard!
I HATED MY JOB (Journey Of Broke/Just Over Broke) LIFE.

It was definitely not what I expected it to be! I knew this wasn’t the way I wanted to live my life! It really sunk in one night out in Eldoret at Poa Place (November 9th 2012 to be exact)! For two years I had no servings, lost all the contacts with my friends and family, I had all the toys money could buy but I never had any JOY at all.

I realized in THAT ONE MOMENT, the direction my life was heading!
Immediately I set out on a mission to change my life, I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do, but I knew what I didn’t want to do and that was enough for me!
On 15th November 2013 I resigned from Job, informed my mum and she became totally sick for two weeks because she wont understand how a 25 year old could retire, life was not easy for me.
I moved from a one bedroom house to a “Mabati House” all few people I turned for help were totally against me, at that moment I learned about poverty;
1. For toilet and water you need to queue and landlord keeps the keys.
2. You share everything from duster to pegs
3. Any small progress brings forth new enemies
4. People mistreat and undermine you etc
The day after, I looked online for “Ways to make money online”
I knew then that pursuing how to make money on the internet was going to be the next chapter of my life, yes I was nervous but I came across people in Nairobi who were doing it, so if they were doing it, I know I could! So I booked for an appointment, attended my first training, paid the enrollment fee and began learning and working just by copy-pasting what others were doing.
In my First month in Social Biz Connect, I was working more than 16 hours daily and my earnings in month one was around Ksh. 12,500, second month 25,000, third month 47,000 ,firth around 87,000 and sixth month ksh. 128,000 after 3 years over 300,000 monthly.


The growth was amazing and working time had been reduced to 3-5 hours per day. Then I was flashbacking if I had not accepted for change.
My journey in online Networking in Social Biz Connect has not been too smooth, I have faced a lot of Rejection, received a lot of abuse and betrayal from close friends and relatives.
“My advice to young people is this, to be proactive and develop less negativity, to put their view in a nice way, develop skills, have patience, persist more and Focus.”
All my growth for the past one year in socialbizconnect,SBC, at least 70% has been on Facebook Profile, everything I’ve earned so far is pure profit, it’s quite a feat that’s for sure, and sometimes I even impress myself! But IT IS possible!
It all changed for me once I found a paying system and a mentor.
Someone that had what I wanted! Finding a mentor is key for success if you want to make money on the internet!
Finding a mentor and having the right business as Social Biz Connect,SBC, has allowed me to achieve some incredible things at my age! Like I said am making fortunes online, my next birthday am flying off to Dubai, Where I will be for for a week, need to visit Wild Wadi Water Park, Bur Dubai Abra Dock for a relaxing stroll the Emirates Towers so then after that I really have no idea! Ooh, back to Kenya to run My Business. …but that is what’s possible!
I’m now living the life I set out to when I was a little boy at school, of traveling the world and earning great money! Yes it didn’t come easy but with hard work and dedication you will be amazed of the results you can manifest into your own life!My small home I have achieved. Achieved under 30 years. NOT RENTAL

“I really want to impress upon you that whatever it is you want to achieve it is possible!”
I’ve done it, helped many others achieve it so I know you can too!
If you are still reading to this point then I’m assuming that you too are looking for a better way of life or are ready for a massive change! I would love to have you come aboard my journey and allow me to help you create the lifestyle you desire!
I want to share with you the system that myself and many others are using and having great success with that is allowing us to live the lifestyle of our dreams, creating better lives not only for ourselves but for our families and the people we meet along the way!
We have a huge vision to help people like you, to go on to create massive success in your life! We are a family, a group of people that are committed to helping our members create success… massive success in their lives and businesses!

Joining the business back 2014,I to dedicate myself because of my future life. With the leverage of time and effort, I currently sleep at home having assisted many people and could still manage to earn over Ksh 300,000 not working but proud and happy to have assisted over 50 people to achieve over ksh 50, 000 monthly each.  You don’t have to work your entire life to be successful,with our system, you can do in 5 years if slow.

As waren Buffet said, if you will not earn while sleeping, you will have to work forever.

Social Biz Connect (SBC) is a life-changing opportunity you have in front of you, and one of the most supportive and caring communities you will find on the internet today!

*For any struggling persons in terms of business outside there, you can start online business and achieve your dr.FB_IMG_1491190197622FB_IMG_1491190206061Shop OnlineFB_IMG_1491190235738

For students, it’s a great opportunity for young developing people. In school we never learn money but how to struggle to get money. Never let it go.


For working class, this is powerful opportunity you can do starting as part time then make it full time career later.

Graduate?? Grab this. Short cut to life success. Work next 10 years and everything will change completely  and enjoy the rest.



Dreams come true when you want and go for it.

That’s my mentor’s story. Always inspires me to achieve greatly in the business,it also inspires many others to hope it has to you too.

If you are still reading this article I know you may want to change life too.

I believe in what Zig Ziglar says” if you help many people achieve what they want, you will get everything you want in life.” Never allow waiting to become a habit. Life your dreams and take risks. Life is happening now.

If you don’t take risks, you will always work for someone who does.

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