From mjengo to earn over ksh.60,000 monthly working online.

Desperate time calls for desperate measures. Frankline Kibett is a graduate holding a bachelors degree in computer science from one of the Kenyan universities. Having completed his studies and attaining an excellent grade, he had high hopes to land a well paying job as any other graduate. He left his home to the capital city to look for a job.

img-20160923-wa0010 He spent much of his time writing CVs, moving from office to office and looking for any opportunity which could pop up either from the newspapers or the online job sites. Many days passed by without response and if he was lucky for one it read  ‘we received your application but unfortunately you didn’t qualify, keep trying’. This was too much and his desperation called for desperate measures. He needed some money to keep him in town or else he could say goodbye to the city. He decided to visit a construction site to look for an opportunity. Luckly, he secured one where he could work from 7.00 am to 6.00 pm and be paid ksh.500. Despite leaving the site so tired, he could still go back the following day else he could be fired.

Kibet at mjengo
Kibet at mjengo

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Things were getting tough and one evening after a busy day he came across a post on facebook about an online business where people were making money through advertising domains and web hosting services. He decided to give it a trial. He was invited for a training seminar which took three hours, as he says, the three hours seminar was the best of his life. It opened his mind and found that not only a J.O.B could make him achieve his dreams. Internet marketing was a better venture and he was ready to get into it. After all no experience required.

He gave the businesses much attention like he did in his previous job. It didn’t take him much time before he could achieve results. In his first weeks he was averaging an income of ksh. 3,000 weekly. Below is a screenshot of the same

Weekly income of his first weeks
Weekly income of his first weeks

This psyched him up and he was ready to grow his income. His income grew and in his third month he was averaging over Ksh. 9,000 weekly. Below is the screenshot of the same:

Weekly income
Weekly income

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With only 3 months in the business he could make approximately ksh. 40,000 monthly. He can no longer write a CV to look for job. He enjoys time freedom as well as financial freedom. He can have more time with his friends

Having lunch with his business partners at KFC restaurant
Having lunch with his business partners at KFC restaurant
Internet never sleep so as income never stop growing. Celebrating his 7th months, which happened to be adverse “Njaanuary” for everyone in external economy, income has really grown. This was his latest weekly income as an mpesa message.


Kibett happens to be my team leader and a mentor too. He had supported me and am ready to support others too. Job vacancies are minimal and rare to secure one. If America is the super power and there are no jobs, what about Kenya? I believe in Zig ziglar, if you help people get what they want, you will eventually get what you want.Mr kibett says”Ignorance is like sleep. Your initial reaction is to be angry at the person who wakes you up

If you was born poor it is not your fault but if you die poor it is a result of your decisions





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