Welcome to an online presentation of how Social Biz Connect which is a domain names and web hosting company that allows its customers to use the services and recommend to others and they get paid. I will be sharing with you how to be part of the company regardless of whether or not you have ever worked online before.

On the above picture, the services we deal with are mentioned below  =========== as web hosting & domains, blogs and websites then finally Elearning (online education).

SBC Pillars and Descriptions

The above picture shows the important pillars that form SBC and I will be taking you through each one at a time.

Web hosting is a service provided to facilitate the housing of blogs and websites. Basically,blogs and websites are digital libraries that one can be able to get done information without having hard copies of the content. To help the owners of the blogs store their information, a web hosting company provides some storage space on web servers.

A domain name could be your name, your company name, organization or business name as long as you search for it and you get it is available, you can register it. It is said to be unique and specific to your site alone since one domain name cannot point to any other site apart from the one it was registered for.

Pillar 2 is using the services provided in number one. Using the blogs and domain names provided by the company, one can either grow their own businesses and businesses of others to improve income or if you don’t have a business yet, start making money online from referral marketing. You can still combine the two as we shall be there below.

The company provides trainings and mentorship programs to help you start, improve an existing business or business skills in general. We have downloadable ebooks, free articles on the site and personal meetings with trainers for consultations if you book an appointment. That said and done, let’s look at how this concept is going to benefit you.

As mentioned earlier, Socialbizconnect moves its services to the market through the concept of network marketing and above  we have seen the services so let’s look at the marketing plan.

Note the terms; Performance Based and Making a Sale. You earn from your level of performance and making a sale is basically getting a customer to use SBC services which come to you as a package.

From the above picture, you can see we have CUSTOMER & AGENTS who help in moving the services to the market place.

CUSTOMER: is a person or organization that buys from another person or organization. To become a customer of SBC, you need to purchase the company’s services, use them to satisfaction (like myself  I own this site you are reading from and it is hosted by SBC) then you can decide to become an AGENT. Below is the cost of being a customer.

AGENT: is a customer who starts referring other people to use the same SBC services he/she will have purchased.  Any customer can become an AGENT to engage in NETWORK MARKETING by deciding to refer others to use SBC services. If you choose to be an agent, let me help you understand how it works.

All agents in SBC are placed on levels and you earn from 5 levels of your network. There is no limit of how many people one can refer that is why we say it is performance based.

The people that you refer directly to join SBC are called DIRECT REFERRALS – They form your LEVEL 1.
You earn $10 from each person who joins directly under your invitation/referral.
Your LEVEL 2 is comprised of people who are referred by your direct referrals in level 1- You earn $10. That is if you refer John, then JOHN  refers Mary, MARY will be your level 2.When she upgrades, JOHN will earn $10 and you will earn $10.
LEVEL 3 are agents referred by your level 2 members i.e. when Mary refers another person. The person will be in your level 3. You EARN $10.
LEVEL 4 you earn $10 same as LEVEL 5.
For the purpose of illustration, assuming everyone who joins SBC and decides to become an AGENT  refers only 5 and teach the 5 how to refer their own 5 ,this will be your potential earnings.
Phase  1
You get your 5 Sales in LEVEL 1. That becomes 5 x $10. You will earn $50
5X $10 = $50.
Phase 2
Help the 5 to get their 5 Sales each. That becomes 25 sales in total.
5x5x $10 = $250. Add the $50 from phase 1. Cumulatively you shall earn $300
Phase  3
Work with your level 1 to help the 25 on level 2 get their 5 Sales each. That becomes 125 sales in total.
25x5x $10 = $1,250. Add to $300 cumulative income after phase 2 to get => $1,250+300 = $1,550 as the cumulative income as at phase 3.
Phase  4
The 125 get their 5 Sales. That becomes 625 sales in total.
125x5x$10 = $6,250. Add to the cumulative income at phase 3 to get $6,250+$1,550=$7,800  which becomes your cumulative income phase 4.
Phase 5
Each of 625 get their 5 each. That is  3,125 customers on level 5.
625x5x$10 =$31,250. Add this to the cumulative income in phase 4 => $31,250+$7,800 = $39,050
 Since subscription is annually, everyone in the sales team renews their account within the year ie the same month and date they joined your team. This summation of commissions is $3,9050 per Year. If you reached to level 5 say in a year, you won’t have to work in the following  year to earn the that money but you will just renew your account to get access to the reseller license that allows you to earn commissions.

This is an approximate Ksh 3.6M annually.

With the same team in the new year of business, your monthly income will be Ksh 3.6/12 which is around Ksh 300,000/month. Looking at how much money you will have invested, is this worth your time and money?

NOTE: No one is limited to the width of their teams. You can recommend as many people as you can. This power of 5 is just an attainable and average number of people you can have in your network and income you can make with only 5 and teaching them. Think of going with power of 10. Get 10 and teach them to get 10 each. Also, be sure that not everyone is going to be as aggressive as you are. Some may be less or more determined than you.

Your income will keep growing forever as sales team increase in your team. The more you assist others, the more people in your team and the more income. You can introduce your close relative, friends or even people you meet on social networks like Facebook, Twitter orInstagram.

The power of working as a team

If you thought using the concept of network marketing was unique to Social Biz Connect, here are examples of other companies that use the same concept to move their products and services to the market.

If you wanted to take soda or use airtime, do you go to the company on just get it at your local kiosk? How did it land there? Now you understand that agents and dealers are how the companies reach out to many people. Like MPESA agents, they have helped Safaricom reach millions that the CEO – Bob Collymore wouldn’t reach out to if he worked alone.

To start with is Mr Mutea who is a third fourth year student at technical university of Kenya. What is shown is weekly income

He has been in the business for a whole now and below is back office statements. If you do not believe this, kindly pluck the MPESA codes and do due diligence from Safaricom.

Thadeus Bwire falls under this category and after he quit his job that paid him a gross income of Ksh 15, 000 – he says in a few months he was able to make Ksh 14,000 weekly which is still growing. Money has come with transformation.


Kelvin is a graduate from Chuka university who searched for a job for six months until he decided to look for other options when he met a post on Facebook. He joined and now makes this kind of a weekly income.


These are not the only success  stories in SBC  but I could feature everyone.

SBC is a ready made system and all you need to do is get on board and start building your team. Never look at how much an opportunity is gonna cost you but look at how much it will pay you. If you are ready to be the next success story of SBC

SBC Four Step To Success

1.Create a FREE Account in Seconds CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

SocialBizConnect is FREE to JOIN. Simply Sign Up for FREE and you are Ready to Connect with Your Friends. Confirm You are Joining under the Person who referred you to SBC


2. Upgrade to PREMIUM.SocialBizConnect gives you a Huge Collection Of Premium Professional Products, Tools & Advertising. These Include Internet Marketing Tools, E-learning, Advertising and Premium Social Networking Features Never Seen Before See Products.


3. Connect With Friends & Socialize.Have Fun.! Invite Friends, Creating groups, Create Events, build relationships, Play games, Advertise, Post and Find Jobs, Sell and Buy in the Marketplace. SocialBizConnect Helps you to Build and Expand your Network of Friends


4. Earn a Lucrative Lifetime IncomeOnly SocialBizConnect allows you to Monetize and cash in on your connections and Social Networks. The more you share our products with those you know, the more you can earn. You Earn Money from ALL SocialBizConnect Products Subscriptions Personally referred by You and Your Entire Sales team 5 Levels Deep. 80% of Sales Revenue Collected by SBC distributors.

For questions or concerns, kindly reach me on 0725102787 via whatsapp/text or call. 

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