Jackie at 27 years is graduate teacher by profession who worked for some months in her career as a teacher before she saw an opportunity that she grabbed. As you may realise, many graduates look for jobs in vain but here is a fresh graduate who is quitting her job at age 26 to Venture into an online business, WHY? “I was subject to change which I realized wouldn’t have come while pursuing other people’s dreams at the expense of my own. I really worked hard to make my employer see how important I was to his school. I thought that would make him raise my salary. For about eight months, this happened without any bonuses to add to my Ksh 20,000 a month  and I realized I had become a prisoner to my job. I would wake up by 4am,  get ready to face traffic we all know of in Nairobi. I was to be in class by 8:00am and any time I got to school at about 8:05am, I had to explain why! I started feeling frustrated with the job so I had to find an option which was not going to be another job but a flexible business that would give me some time and financial freedom. I saw a post on Facebook and that is when my dreams were opened. I attended a seminar on how the business works then opted to give it a try. I realized how much time I had whenever I worked on my business on weekends. After six weeks, I quit my job as a teacher and settled on the online business which I believe  everyone needs to have that time for family, friends and above all oneself” she says.

She started working the business on a part-time basis but quit her teaching job later. This is an affirmation that the business works. Nobody can think of quitting a job earning him/her over Ksh 20,000 monthly to work on something else that has no value.

She has had lots of success stories in the business and I would like to share with you her growth. Below is her average weekly income some time last year but one 2015. To get her monthly income, just multiply the figure by 4 which will be around Ksh 56,000 a month.

NOW HERE IS THE BIG PICTURE:  Residual Income enjoyed in network marketing business helps one to always get paid more than the previous months.

Below is her  income last year that affirm the growth.

Weekly income almost equal to her monthly salary while in the teaching job.

From the photo above, you can see her weekly income almost same as her monthly salary during her days as a teacher. Because back in the teaching career, Jackie says the deductions could make life so unbearable to live.

As promised, updates of latest slides willsalways be made, here is what she received on this date 9/3/2016. You can still make verifications


The one you see is her NET WEEKLY INCOME which is growing over time because of the residual income enjoyed in network marketing business.

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If ready to start your journey to financial freedom, make your choice  to be among the richest people in the world.

It is not a must you quit what you are involved in today, you can do this on a part-time basis for a start just like Jackie did and then make the decision later but a sure thing I know, you will definitely switch to full-time because results will make you get addicted to it.

This is what drives everyone. Try something new because learning never stops.

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